544 abbreviations
L.C.D.Legis Civilis Doctor ("Doctor of Civil Law")
Lect.Lectio ("Lesson")
Legit.Legitime, Legitimus ("Legally", "legitimate")
L.H.D.Litterarum Humaniorum Doctor ("Doctor of Literature")
Lia.Licentia ("License")
Lib., Lo.Liber, Libro ("Book", "In the book")
Lic.Licentia, Licentiatus ("License", "Licentiate")
Litma.Legitima ("Lawful")
Litt.Littera ("Letter")
LL.B.Legum Baccalaureus ("Bachelor of Laws")
LL.D.Legum Doctor ("Doctor of Laws")
LL.M.Legum Magister ("Master of Laws")
L.M.Locus Monumenti ("Place of the Monument")
Loc.Locus ("Place")
Lov.Lovanium ("Louvain")
Lovan.Lovanienses (Theologians of Louvain)
Lre.Litterae ("Letters")
L.S.Locus Sepulchri ("Place of the Sepulchre")
L.S.Loco Sigilli ("Place of the Seal")
Lte.Licite ("Lawfully", or "licitly")
M.Martyr, or Memoria ("Memory") or Monumentum ("Monument")
M.Maria ("Mary")
M.A.Magister Artium ("Master of Arts")
Mag.Magister ("Master")
Magro.Magistro ("Master" dat. or abl. case)
Mand.Mandamus ("We command")
Mand. Ap.Mandatum Apostolicum ("Apostolic Mandate", e.g. for a bishop's consecration)
Mart., M., MM.Martyr, Martyres ("Martyr", "Martyrs" Breviary)
Mat.Matutinum ("Matins" Breviary)
Matr.Matrimonum ("Marriage")
M.C.Missionaries of Charity
Mgr., Msgr., or Mons.Monsignor ("My Lord")
Mir.Misericorditer ("Mercifully")
Miraone.Miseratione ("Pity" abl. case)
Miss.Missa ("Mass" Breviary); Missionarius ("Missionary")
Miss. Apost., M.A.Missionarius Apostolicus ("Missionary Apostolic")
MM.Martyres ("Martyrs")
M.P.Monumentum Posuit ("Erected a Monument")
M.R.Missionarius Rector ("Missionary Rector")
Mrimonium.Matrimonium ("Matrimony")
MRT.Merenti ("To the Deserving")
M.S.Missionaries of La Salette (France)
M.S.C.Missionarii Sancti Caroli ("Missionaries of St. Charles")
M.S.C.Missionarii Sacratissimi Cordis ("Missionaries of the Most Sacred Heart")
m.t.v.mutatur terminatio versiculi ("the termination of the little verse is changed" Breviary)
N.Nonas ("Nones"); or Numero ("Number")
Nativ. D.N.J.C.Nativitas Domini Nostri Jesu Christi ("Nativity of Our Lord Jesus Christ")
N. D.Nostra Domina, Notre Dame ("Our Lady")
Nigr.Niger ("Black" Breviary)