544 abbreviations
O.T.Old Testament
O. Trinit.Ordo Sanctissimae Trinitatis (Trinitarians)
Oxon.Oxonium, Oxonienses ("Oxford", "Theologians or Scholars of Oxford")
P.Pax ("Peace"); or Pius ("Dutiful"); or Ponendum ("To be Placed"); or Pridie ("The Day Before"); or Plus ("More")
P.Pater, Pere ("Father")
Pa.Papa ("Pope"); Pater ("Father")
Pact.Pactum ("Agreement")
Pasch.Pascha ("Easter" Breviary)
Patr.Patriarcha ("Patriarch")
Pbr.Presbyter ("Priest")
P.C.Poni Curavit ("Caused to be Placed")
P.C., P. CONS.Post Consulatum ("After the Consulate")
Penia.Poenitentia ("Penance", or "repentance")
Peniaria.Poenitentiaria ("Penitentiary"; i.e. Bureau of the Apostolic Penitentiary)
Pent.Pentecostes ("Pentecost" Breviary)
Ph. B.Philosophiae Baccalaureus ("Bachelor of Philosophy")
Ph.D.Philosophiae Doctor ("Doctor of Philosophy")
Phil.Philosophia ("Philosophy")
Ph. M.Philosophiae Magister ("Master of Philosophy")
P.I.Poni Jussit ("Ordered to be Placed")
P.K.Pridie Kalendas ("The day before the Calends")
P.M.Plus Minus ("More or Less"); or Piae Memoriae ("Of Pious Memory"); or Post Mortem ("After Death")
Pntium.Praesentium ("Of those present", or, "Of this present writing")
P.O.Pretres de l'Oratoire, Presbyteri Oratorii (Oratorians)
Poe.Posse ("To be able", or, "The ability to do a thing")
Poenit.Poenitentia ("Penance")
Poenit. Ap.Poenitentiaria Apostolica ("Office of the Apostolic Penitentiary")
Pont.Pontifex ("Pontiff", i.e. Bishop—Breviary)
Pont.Pontificatus ("Pontificate")
Pont. Max.Pontifex Maximus ("Supreme Pontiff")
Pontus.Pontificatus ("Pontificate")
Poss.Possessor, Possessio ("Possessor", "Possession")
PP.Papa ("Pope")
PP.Praepositus ("Placed over")
PP.Papa ("Pope"); Pontificum ("Of the popes")
P.P.Parochus ("Parish Priest" used mostly in Ireland)
PP. AA.Patres Amplissimi ("Cardinals")
P.P.P.Propria Pecunia Posuit ("Erected at his own expense")
Pr.Pater ("Father")
P.R.Permanens Rector ("Permanent Rector")
Praef.Praefatio ("Preface" of the Mass—Breviary)
PRB.Presbyter ("Priest")
Presbit.Presbyter, Priest
PR.K.Pridie Kalendas ("The Day Before the Calends")
PR.N.Pridie Nonas ("The Day Before the Nones")
Prof.Professus, Professio, Professor ("Professed", "Profession", "Professor")
Prop. Fid.Propaganda Fide (Congregation of the Propaganda, Rome)
Propr.Proprium ("Proper" Breviary)
Prov.Provisio, Provisum ("Provision", "Provided")