544 abbreviations
Ps.Psalmus ("Psalm")
P.S.M.Pia Societas Missionum (Fathers of the Pious Society of Missions, Pallottini)
P.S.S.Presbyteri Sancti Sulpicii, Pretres de S. Sulpice (Sulpicians)
P.T.C.S.Pax Tibi Cum Sanctis ("Peace to Thee With the Saints")
Ptur.Praefertur ("Is preferred", or, "Is brought forward")
Ptus.Praefatus ("Aforesaid")
Pub., Publ.Publicus, Publice ("Public", "Publicly")
Purg. Can.Purgatio Canonica ("Canonical Disculpation")
PZ.Pie Zeses ("May you Live Piously" Greek)
Q., Qui.Quiescit ("He Rests")
Q.B.AN.Qui Bixit [for Vixit] Annos ("Who lived ... years")
Qd.Quod ("Because", "That", or, "Which")
Q.I.P.Quiescat In Pace ("May he [or she] Rest in Peace")
Qmlbt.Quomodolibet ("In any manner whatsoever")
Qtnus.Quatenus ("Insofar as")
Quadrag.Quadragesima ("Lent", also the "Fortieth day" before Easter—Breviary)
Quinquag.Quinquagesima (The "Fiftieth day" before Easter—Breviary)
Q.V.Qui Vixit ("Who Lived")
R.Responsorium ("Responsory" Breviary)
R.Roma (Rome)
R.Requiescit ("He Rests"); or Refrigerio ("In [a place of] Refreshment")
R.D.Rural Dean
Reg.Regionis ("Of the Region")
Relione.Religione ("Religion", or, "Religious Order" abl. case)
Req.Requiescat ("May he [or she] rest", i.e. in peace)
Rescr.Rescriptum ("Rescript")
Resp.Responsum ("Reply")
R.I.P.Requiescat In Pace ("May he or she rest in peace")
Rit.Ritus ("Rite", "Rites")
Rlari.Regulari ("Regular")
Rom.Romanus, Romana ("Roman")
Roma.Romana ("Roman")
R.P.Reverendus Pater, Reverend Pere ("Reverend Father")
RR.Rerum ("Of Things, Subjects" e.g. SS. RR. Ital., Writers on Italian [historical] subjects); Regesta
Rt. Rev.Right Reverend
Rub.Ruber ("Red" Breviary)
Rubr.Rubrica ("Rubric")
S.Suus ("His"), or Situs ("Placed"), or Sepulchrum ("Sepulchre")
S., Sacr.Sacrum ("Sacred")
S., SS.Sanctus, Sancti ("Saint", "Saints")
Sab., Sabb.Sabbatum ("Sabbath", Saturday)
Saec.Saeculum (Century)
Sal.Salus, Salutis ("Salvation", "of Salvation")
Salmant.Salmanticenses (Theologians of Salamanca)
Salri.Salutari ("Salutary")
S.C.Sacra Congregatio ("Sacred Congregation")
S.C.Salesianorum Congregatio (Congregation of St. Francis of Sales Salesian Fathers)
S.C.C.Sacra Congregatio Concilii ("Sacred Congregation of the Council", i.e. of Trent)
S.C.EE.RR.Sacra Congregatio Episcoporum et Regularium ("Sacred Congregation of Bishops and Regulars")
S.C.I.Sacra Congregatio Indicis ("Sacred Congregation of the Index")