7167 abbreviations
Abbreviation Meaning
YES Youth Exchange Service
YES Youth, Education, and Sports
YES Youth, Engineering, and Science
YESS Young Engineering and Science Scholars
YFE Youth and Family Education
YFR Young Farmer & Rancher Program
YFT Yonkers Federation of Teachers
YFU Youth For Understanding
YI Youth Information
YIA Yanbian International Academy
YIELD Youth In Education And Leader Development
YIF Young Inventors Fair
YIP Youth Inclusion Program
YIP Youth Information Project
YLA Young Leaders Academy of Baton Rouge
YLA Youth Leadership Academy
YLC Young Leadership Council
YLF Youth Leadership Forum
YLG Young Leadership Group
YLI Youth Leadership Institute
YLN Youth Leadership Network
YLT Youth Leadership Training
YLV Youth Leadership Victoria
YM Quantico Young Marines
YME Yellow Medicine East Schools
YMN Young Mathematicians' Network
YMT Youth Media Training
YMTA Youth Maritime Training Association
YMTP Youth Media Training Program
YNHTI Yale- New Haven Teachers Institute
YNI Yosemite National Institutes
YNQ Yes-or- No Question
YNS Young Native Scholars
YO Youth Opportunity
YO Youth Outlook
YODA Youth Organization for Diversity Appreciation
YOP Youth Opportunity Programme
YOSAO You Only Study Abroad Once
YOUTH Young, Outgoing, United, Truthful, and Humble
YP Young Pleasure
YP Youth Programs
YPC Youth Programs Coordinator
YPG Young People's Guild
YPT Youth Protection Training
YPTP Youth Pre-employment Training Programme
YRDSB York Region District School Board
YRE Year Round Education
YRRCSSB York Region Roman Catholic Separate School Board (subsequently renamed York Catholic District School Board)
YS/SAS Youth Services and School Age Services
YSC Youth Science Center