7167 abbreviations
Abbreviation Meaning
ACAT Area Concentration Achievement Tests
ACAT Asian Coalition Against Tobacco
ACB Academic Challenge Bowl
ACC Academic Computer Club
ACC Aspenwood Challenge Center
ACCC Association Of Canadian Community Colleges
ACCE Adult Community College Education
ACCE American Council For Construction Education
ACCEL Adult College Curriculum For Education And Leadership
ACCES African Canadian Continuing Education Society
ACCESS A Comprehensive Center For Exceptional Student Services
ACCESS Abilene Child Centered Educational Support Services
ACCESS Achieving Continuing Career Education For Success And Satisfaction
ACCESS Acta Citc Canadian Educational Standards System
ACCESS Adult Commuter Center Evening Student Services
ACCESS Aids Counseling Community Education And Support Services
ACCESS Alliance Of Commonwealth Connections For Education Self Sufficiency
ACCESS Animals For Community Care And Emotional Support Society
ACCESS Applied Certification Courses For Education Of Special Students
ACCESS Austin Collaborative Of Cultural And Educational Sites And Schools
ACCET Accrediting Council for Continuing Education & Training
ACCW Amity College Of Corporate Warfare
ACCY Advocates For Connecticut's Children And Youth
ACDP Aids Community Demonstration Projects
ACDS Apprenticeship For Child Development Specialist
ACE Academic Creative Education
ACE Academically Committed Environment
ACE Academics, Citizenship, and Effort
ACE Accelerated Cooperative Education
ACE Achievement Credentials And Evaluation
ACE Achievement, Character, and Excellence
ACE Achieving and Choosing Excellence
ACE Activities Council of Eastview
ACE Activity Care and Education
ACE Adult and Community Education
ACE Advanced Content and Enrichment
ACE Advanced Continuous Education
ACE Advancing Creative Excellence
ACE Affordable Community Education
ACE AIDS Counseling and Education
ACE Aids Counseling Education
ACE Alternative Cooperative Education
ACE Animated Communications Effectiveness
ACE Anticipative Continuing Education
ACE Appreciate and Celebrate Excellence
ACE Appreciation, Certification, and Education
ACE Assistance, Counseling, and Encouragement
ACE Associated Choice and Excellence
ACE Attend Class Everyday
ACE Aurally Coded English