7167 abbreviations
Abbreviation Meaning
ACE Aviation Career Exploration
ACE Aviation Careers Education
ACE Avoc Continuing Education
ACED Attendance, Character, Effort, Discipline
ACEI Association For Childhood Education International
ACES Academic And Cultural Event Series
ACES Academic Coaching For Educational Success
ACES Activities Created Especially For Students
ACES Addiction Counselors Education Students
ACES Adult And Community Education System
ACES Akita Communicative English Studies
ACES American Children Exercising Simultaneously
ACES Assessment, Communication, Empathy, and Support
ACES Association for Counselor Education and Supervision
ACES Association Of Commended Essays Services
ACES Atlantic Council Of Engineering Students
ACET Adult Continuing Education And Training
ACET Aids Care Education And Training
ACETA American Civic Education Teacher Awards
ACF Alliance for Children and Families
ACFA Alaska Computerized Formative Assessment
ACFE Adult Community and Further Education Board of Victoria
ACFY A Chance For YOUth
ACHIEVE Athletic Camp To Heighten And Improve The Experience And Value Of Education
ACHV Achievement
ACIRI Adult Child Interactive Reading Inventory
ACLD Adults and Children with Learning & Developmental disabilities
ACLS Adult And Community Learning Services
ACME Action Conflict Mystery And Emotion
ACME Athena Competition Mastery And Enrichment
ACME Atlanta Chapter Model Education
ACORN Adolescent Co-Ordinated Resource Network
ACP Alternative Class Program
ACP Assured Career Plan
ACPN Adjusted Composite Pupil Number
ACR Acceptance, Communication, and Relationships
ACSEP African Cultural Students Exchange Program
ACSSP Australian Council of State School Parents
ACST Admission cum Scholarship Test
ACT Abolish Chronic Truancy
ACT Achievement, Commitment, and Talents
ACT Acting, Creating, and Teaching
ACT Advanced Career Technologies
ACT Advanced Career Training
ACT Advanced Computer Tutoring
ACT Alternatives Consequences Think
ACT American College Testing
ACT Association of Classroom Teachers
ACTE Advanced Career Transition Education
ACTE Associació Catalana per a la Telemàtica Educativa