7167 abbreviations
Abbreviation Meaning
ACTE Association for Career and Technical Education
ACTE Association for Career Technical Education
ACTION Advising Counseling Testing Involving Orienting And Networking
ACTM Alabama Council of Teachers of Mathematics
ACTS A Community Tutoring Successfully
ACTS Accountability, Caring, Teaching, And Snacks
ACTS Analytical Creative Thinking Skills
ACTS Assist A Child To School
ACTT Adolescent Creative Transitional Training
ACVT Advisory Committee for Vocational Training
AD Admissions
ADA American Dietetic Association
ADA Americans with Disabilities Act
ADA Average Daily Attendance
ADAE Average Daily Attendance Equivalent
ADAM Activities Designed Around Multimedia
ADAP Adult Developmental Activity Program
ADAPT Alcohol and Drug Abuse Prevention Training
ADATS Agricultural Development And Training Society
ADD Adaptable, Determined, Dedicated
ADD Anti Discipline Disorder
ADD Arithmetic Developed Daily
ADD Arithmetic Done Daily
ADD Attention Deficit Disorder
ADE Automated Distance Education
ADEZ Abu Dhabi Educational Zone
ADHD Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder
ADI Approved Driving Instructor
ADL Advanced Distributed Learning
ADM Admissions
ADM Average Daily Membership
ADTP Adaptive Driver Training Program
ADTP Adolescent Day Treatment Program
ADVP Adult Developmental Vocational Program
AE Additional Exercise
AE Alternative Education
AEA Alabama Education Association
AEA Area Education Agency
AEAE Association of Estonian Adult Educators
AEC Authorized Education Center
AEC Authorized Education Centre
AECT Association for Educational Communications and Technology
AED Alternative Education Distance
AEGIS An Educational Geographical Information System
AEGIS Association of Educational Guardians for International Students
AEIS Academic Excellence Indicator System
AEL Appalachia Educational Laboratory
AEOEPC Alberta Elected Officials Education Program Corporation (Canada)
AEOP Aboriginal Education Outreach Program
AEP Academic Excellence Program