7167 abbreviations
Abbreviation Meaning
AEP Adapted Education Program
AEP Advanced Educational Program
AEP Alternative Education Placement
AEP Annual Exceedance Probability
AERA American Educational Research Association
AERN African Educational Research Network
AERO Alternative Education Resources, Ontario
AERO American Education Reaches Out
AERS Applied Education Research Scheme
AESL Aakash Educational Services Ltd
AESN Additional Educational Support Needs
AESOP Academic Enrichment Special Options Program
AESP Aerospace Education Services Program
AESP Academic English Support Program
AESS Additional Educational Specialist Services
AEST Agricultural and Environmental Science and Technology
AETA Arizona English Teachers Association
AETS Adult Education and Training Survey
AEU Australian Education Union
AEW American Education Week
AFA As Fine As...
AFAP Arthritis Foundation Aquatic Program
AFK Astronomy For Kids
AFL Arabic as First Language
AFMO Allegheny Front Migratory Observatory
AFOL Association for Outdoor Learning
AFR Applied For Registration
AFS Alumni, Families, and Schools
AFT American Federation of Teachers
AFY Arts For Youth
AG Academically Gifted
AG Agriculture
AGBG Animal Genetics and Biotechnology Group
AGC Associated General Contractors
AGCC Arab Gulf Co-operation Council
AGNC Academic Global Network Consultancy
AGP Accelerated Gifted Program
AGSG Arts Good Study Guide
AGTS Art Goes To School
AHA Arts, History, and Adventure
AHA Awareness Heightens Achievement
AHA Awareness Humor Action
AHEAD A Hatfield Educational Achievement Drive
AHIP Academy of Health Information
AHPCS American Historical Print Collectors Society
AHS Academic High School
AI Aggressive and Intelligent
AI Amazingly Inventive
AIACHE All India Association for Christian Higher Education
AIC Advanced Internet Classroom