7167 abbreviations
Abbreviation Meaning
ALE Advanced Learning Experience
ALERT Actual Learning Environment Response Training
ALERT Assisted Learning Environment Response Team
ALERT At Lunch Enjoyable Reading Time
ALERT Augmented Learning Environment for Renewable Teaching
ALF Anytime Learning Fun
ALG Algebra
ALISON Advance Learning Interactive Systems Online
ALL Adult Literacy and Lifeskills
ALLP Aldo Leopold Leadership Program
ALM Adults Learning Mathematics
ALP Active Learning Platform
ALP Adult Learning Program
ALP Advanced Learning Program
ALP Attitude, Level, and Progress
ALPHA Adolescents Learning Positive Health Alternatives
ALPS Accessible Large Playground Structure
ALPS Active Learning Practice For Schools
ALPS Alternative Learning Programs for Students
ALPS Artistic Leaders Promote Success
ALS Action Learning Sets
ALS Additional Learning Support
ALS American Learning System
ALSF Australian Library Schools Forum
ALTA Adult Literacy Through the Arts
ALTC Australian Learning and Teaching Council
AMC Active Mindful Caring
AMI Association Montessori Internationale
AMP Action Morality Plan
AMPS Alcohol Misuse Prevention Study
ANGEL A New Global Environment For Learning
ANGEL Authenticated Networked Guided Environment For Learning
ANSWER Adolescents Never Suicide When Everyone Responds
ANSWER Alaska Native Student Wilderness Enrichment Retreat
AOE Autonomy Oriented Education
AOW Advanced Open Water
AP Academic Probation
AP Academic Programmer
AP Accommodation Plan (Section 504 Students)
AP Activity Points
APA Administrative Procedures Act
APA American Phonetic Alphabet
APAAS Alternative Program for Academically Accelerated Students
APC Activating Potential for Communication
APC Alternatives, Possibilities, and Choices
APD Area Planning and Development
APE Adapted Physical Education
APE annual physical examination
APEG Adequate Program for Education in Georgia
APET Advanced Practical English Teaching