5007 abbreviations
Abbreviation Meaning
AMD Advanced Micro Devices company
AMD Amplitude Modification Device
AME Advanced Metal Evaporated
AMFT Automatic Magnetron Frequency Tuning
AMH Automated Material Handling
AMHS Automated Material Handling System
AMI Advanced Microelectronics for Industrialists
AML Amplitude Modulation Link
AML Automatic Model Linking
AMLCD Active Matrix Liquid Crystal Diode
AMM Acoustic Mismatch Model
AMM Ammeter
AMPS Advanced Mobile Phone System
AMR Adaptive Multi Rate
AMRAAM Advanced Medium Range Air-to-Air Missile
AMS Analog Mixed Signal
AMS Automatic Music Sensor
AMT Advanced Manufacturing Technology
AMT Advanced Midi Transmission
AMU Atomic Mass Unit
AMU Automatic Measurement Unit
ANARC Association of North American Radio Clubs
ANC Active Noise Cancelling
ANC Automatic Noise Cancelling
ANCA Ambient Noise Controled Amplifier
AND logical AND
ANL Automatic Noise Limiter
ANSI All New Small Integration
ANSWERS Autonomous Nano-electronic Systems With Extended Replication and Signalling
ANTCOMMSYS Atlantic Area Communication Systems
AO Acousto Optic
AO Alpha Oscillator
AO Always Open
AO Always Oscillating
AO Analog Out
AOI Automatic Optical Inspection
AOM Acousto Optic Modulator
AOQL Average Outgoing Quality Level
AOS Adaptive Optimization System
AOV Air-Operated Valve
AP Adhesion Promoter
APA Advanced Performance Algorithm
APA Automatic Panel Alignment
APB Anti-Phase Boundary
APC Advanced Power Calibration
APC Advanced Process Control
APC All Pass Crossover
APC Angled Polished Connector
APC Automatic Power Control