5007 abbreviations
AMDAdvanced Micro Devices company
AMDAmplitude Modification Device
AMEAdvanced Metal Evaporated
AMFTAutomatic Magnetron Frequency Tuning
AMHAutomated Material Handling
AMHSAutomated Material Handling System
AMIAdvanced Microelectronics for Industrialists
AMLAmplitude Modulation Link
AMLAutomatic Model Linking
AMLCDActive Matrix Liquid Crystal Diode
AMMAcoustic Mismatch Model
AMPSAdvanced Mobile Phone System
AMRAdaptive Multi Rate
AMRAAMAdvanced Medium Range Air-to-Air Missile
AMSAnalog Mixed Signal
AMSAutomatic Music Sensor
AMTAdvanced Manufacturing Technology
AMTAdvanced Midi Transmission
AMUAtomic Mass Unit
AMUAutomatic Measurement Unit
ANARCAssociation of North American Radio Clubs
ANCActive Noise Cancelling
ANCAutomatic Noise Cancelling
ANCAAmbient Noise Controled Amplifier
ANDlogical AND
ANLAutomatic Noise Limiter
ANSIAll New Small Integration
ANSWERSAutonomous Nano-electronic Systems With Extended Replication and Signalling
ANTCOMMSYSAtlantic Area Communication Systems
AOAcousto Optic
AOAlpha Oscillator
AOAlways Open
AOAlways Oscillating
AOAnalog Out
AOIAutomatic Optical Inspection
AOMAcousto Optic Modulator
AOQLAverage Outgoing Quality Level
AOSAdaptive Optimization System
AOVAir-Operated Valve
APAdhesion Promoter
APAAdvanced Performance Algorithm
APAAutomatic Panel Alignment
APBAnti-Phase Boundary
APCAdvanced Power Calibration
APCAdvanced Process Control
APCAll Pass Crossover
APCAngled Polished Connector
APCAutomatic Power Control