5007 abbreviations
Abbreviation Meaning
APCD Add-on Pollution Control Device
APCFI Advanced Process Control Framework Initiative
APD Avalanche Photo Diode
APEC Advanced Process Equipment Control
APECS Automated Protocol for Electromagnetic Component Separation
APF All-Pass Filter
APHMEL Andhrapradesh Heavy Mechanary and Electronics Limited
APIMS Atmospheric Pressure Ionization Mass Spectrometry
APOT Alternate Point Of Termination
APS Auxiliary Power System
APS Institute of Electrical and Electronic Engineers Antennas and Propagation Society
APS Advanced Power Stability
APS American Physical Society
APS Analog Protection System
APS Auto Power Spectrum
APT Audio Pass Through
APTL Automatic Power Transfer and Load control
APVD Alcatel Plasma Vapor Deposition
APW Augmented Plane Wave
AQ All Quartz
AQI ACCESS Query Interface
AR Aspect Ratio
AR Audio Rate
ARC Anti-Reflective Coating
ARDE Aspect-Ratio-Dependent Etching
ARE Activated Reactive Evaporation
ARF Audio Receiver File
ARIA Advanced Research In Audio
ARIMA Auto Regressive Integrated Moving Average
ARINC Aeronautical Radio Incorporated
ARM Anti-Radiation Missile
ARM Audio Rate Modulation
ARMS Ampere Root Mean Square
ARMS Arc flash Reduction Maintenance Switch
ARP Azimuth Reset Pulse
ARQ Automatic Receiver Quieting
ARS Angle-Resolved Scattering
ARS Auto Reclosing Scheme
ARTS Automatic Range Transponder System
ASAP Accurate Sensitive And Precise
ASAP Adaptive Sampling And Prediction
ASAP Advanced Stepper Application Program
ASC ADPCM (Adaptive Differential Pulse Code Modulation) Stereo C
ASDL American Standard Digital Line
ASE Amplified Spontaneous Emission
ASE Amplified Stimulated Emission
ASES Audio Sound Erase Static
ASI Actuator Sensor Interface
ASIC Application Specific Integrated Circuit
ASIMO Advanced Step In Innovative Mobility