5007 abbreviations
AVRAutomatic Voltage Regulator
AVSAdvanced Visualization System
AVTAccelerated Vesication Test
AWEAsymptotic Waveform Evaluation
AWGAmerican Wire Gauge
AWGArbitrary Waveform Generator
AWIAudio Wave Information
AWMAdvanced Wave Memory
AWMAdvanced Waveform Modulation
AWSAdvanced Wet Station
BBase (transistor)
Bform B (normally closed) contacts
BACBeam Attenuation Coefficient
BAMBass Alignment Module
BASEBedini Audio Special Environment
BASEBoston Area Semiconductor Education (Council)
BASECBritish Approvals Service for Cables
BASHBridged Amplifier Switching Hybrid
BASSBig Awesome Speaker Systems
BAVFBanks of Assumed Velocity Filters
BAVMBlonder Audio/Video Modulator
BBARBroad-Band Anti-Reflective
BB-ISBDBased Blocked Inter-Sub-Band Detector
BBISBDBased Blocked Inter-Sub-Band Detector
BBSBroad Band Spectrum
BCBias Contrast
BCBuried Capacitance
BCABias Corrected and Accelerated
BCADBusiness Computer-Aided Manufacturing
BCFBulked Continuous Filament
BCHBose, Chaudhuri, and Hocquengum
BCIBalanced Coaxial Interference
BCIBulk Current Injection
BCSBardeen Cooper Schriefer
BDEBlock Diagram Editor
BDEVBehavior-level DEViation
BDOBi-Directional Override
BDRBlocking Dynamic Range
BDSBrownian Dynamics Simulation
BEBand Edge
BEBound Exciton
BEBoundary Element
BEAMBiology, Electronics, Aesthetics, and Mechanics
BEAMABritish Electrotechnical and Allied Manufacturers' Association
BECBarely Enough Current
BECBase, Emitter, and Collector
BECBattery Eliminating Circuit
BECBattery Elimination Circuit
BECBose Einstein Condensate