5007 abbreviations
VRVirtual Robot
VRVoice Recognition
VRVoice Response
VR1Variable Resistor 1
VRAMVideo Random Access Memory
VRBVanadium Redox Battery
VRB/ESSVanadium Redox Battery Energy Storage System
VRCVehicular Radio Control
VRCVHF (Very High Frequency) Repeater Coordinator
VRDVoltage Regulator Down
VREVoltage Regulator Enhanced
VRGVibratory Rate Gyroscope
VRHVariable Range Hopping
VRMVoltage Regulation Module
VrmsRoot-Mean-Square Voltage
VRPVirtual Rapid Prototyping
VRPPValue Range Propagation Patch
VRRVoltage Rectifier and Regulator
VRSVideo Relay Service
VRSVoice Response System
VRSVoltage-Regulated Static
VRSKVoltage-Regulated Static Keeper
VrsmVoltage, Ringing Signal Modified (inverted)
VrspVoltage, Ringing Signal Positive
VRSQVerification period of R-SQuared
VRUVoltage Regulator Up
VRVQVariable Rate Vector Quantizer
VSVariable Speed
VSVertical Shunt
VSVirtual Silicon
VSVoltage Sensing
VSAGIEEE VHDL (VHSIC Hardware Description Language) Standardization and Analysis Group
VSAMVME Smart Analog Monitor
VSBVestigal SideBand
VSDVoltage Sensing Device
VSGVariable Spaced Grating
VSIVirtual Socket Interface
VSMVestigial Sideband Modulation
VSOICVery Small Outline surface mounted Integrated Circuit
VSPVariable Soft Sphere
VSPVariable Square Pulse
VSPDVariable Sensitivity PhotoDetector
VSQVolume and SQuelch control
VSRVery Short Reach
VSRVoltage-Sensitive Release
VSRMVoltage-Sensitive Release Mechanism
VSSVariable Soft Sphere
VssVoltage Source-to-Source
VSTVirtual Studio Technology
VSUVoltage Source Unit