5007 abbreviations
WGOTWorking Group on Technology
WGSEWorking Group on Spectrum Engineering
WGXWireless Gateway Switch
WHAMWaveform Hold And Modify
WIWave Interpreter
WIALWater Impervious Aluminum Layer
WIBWith-In Batch
WIDFWeighted Integrate and Dump Filter
WIGWater In the Gap
WINKWicked Inband Noise Killer
WIPWork In Process
WISWater Induced Shift
WISWide Isolation Strip
WIWWithIn Wafer
WIWNUWith-In Wafer Non-Uniformity
WLBIWafer-Level Burn-In
WLEPWave Leader Election Protocol
WLMWireLess Microphone
WLPWafer Level Package
WLPAWideband Linear Power Amplifier
WLRWafer Level Reliability
WLTWafer-Level Test
WMFWindows Metafile image format
WNWhite Noise
WNPWaste Neutralization Plant
WOAWire On Array
WOKWurzelOrtsKurven (German: Root Loci)
WOPCWalking Optimal Power Calibration
WOPMWafers Out Per Month
WORMWrite Once, Read Many
WOSCWorld Organisation of Systems and Cybernetics
WOWWafer On Wafer
WPWafer Process
WPWrite Precompensation (hard disc drive)
WPCWafer Process Chamber
WPGWordPerfect Bitmap image format
WPHWafers Per Hour
WPHVWholesale Power - High Voltage
WPMMWeight-Proportional Max-Min
WPSFWatts Per Square Foot
WPSKWide Pulse Shift Keying
WPVWind and PhotoVoltaic power generation
WQPKWeighted Quasi-Peak
WQTWeek Quad-Twist cryogenic wire
WQTSWideband Quarterwave Tubeless Stub
WQWWideband QuarterWave
WQWTWideband QuarterWave Tubeless
WRWestern Regional Technical Team
WRFWireless Radio Frequency