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Abbreviations similar to 100btx

  • BATES- Battlefield Artillery Target Engagement System
  • BITC- Base Information Transfer Center
  • BITS- Base Information Transfer System
  • BTZ- Below the zone Early promotion from E- 3 to E – 4
  • BATS- Behavior Analysis Training System
  • BDOS- Basic Disk Operating System; part of CP/M
  • BDS
  • BETS- Bradley Embedded Training System
  • BTIS- Battlefield Target Identification System
  • BTEX- benzene, toluene, ethyl-benzene and xylene
  • BTO/C- break to open/close (valve torque)
  • BDC- Barra do Corda Airport
  • BDG- Blanding Municipal Airport
  • BDJ- Syamsudin Noor Airport
  • BDK- Soko Airport
  • BDQ- Vadodara Airport
  • BDZ- Baindoung Airport
  • BTC- Batticaloa Airport
  • BTG- Batangafo Airport