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11PVI-K: MeaningCategory
11PVI-K11th Pennsylvania Volunteer Infantry Company KNon-Profit Organizations

Abbreviations similar to 11pvik

  • PAG- Patent Advisory Group
  • PAS- Publicly Available Specification
  • PC- Personal Computer
  • PPC- Power Personal Computer
  • POS- Position
  • PSU- Passenger service unit
  • PACS- Picture archiving and communication system
  • PFFS- Private fee-for-service
  • PHS- Public health services
  • PPS- Prospective payment system
  • PSO- Provider sponsored organization
  • PSA- Prostate-specific antigen
  • PCC- Police Compact Carbine
  • PCI- Pre-combat inspection
  • PEC- Printed Electronic Circuits
  • PFPX- prefragmented proximity fuzed