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1MAW-VS1st Marine Aircraft Association - Vietnam ServiceNon-Profit Organizations

Abbreviations similar to 1mawvs

  • MPEG- Motion Pictures Experts Group
  • MAPS- Minimum Aviation Performance Standards
  • MNPS- [Minimmum navigation performance specifications]
  • MOPS- Minimum Operational Performance Standard
  • MFS- Medicare fee schedule
  • MVPS- Medicare volume performance standard
  • MABS- Marine Air Base Squadron
  • MBC- Mortar Ballistic Computer
  • MEPS- Military Entrance Processing Station
  • MFC- Mortar Fire Control(ler)
  • MFCS- Multi-Fire Control System/Mortar Fore Control System
  • MIPS- Medium Integrated Propulsion System (US)
  • MPC- MultiPurpose Carrier (Netherlands)
  • MPGS- Mobile Protected Gun System (US)
  • MPS- Maritime Prepositioning Ships (US)
  • MPWS- Mobile Protected Weapon System (US)
  • MFJ- Movement for Freedom and Justice
  • MAVS- Mobile Artillery Vehicle System