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1TBSOne True Brace Stylesoftware abbreviations and acronyms

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  • TIIPS- Thermal Imaging and Integrated Position System
  • TOPAS- Transporter Obrneny Pasovy
  • TP-S- or TPS Target Practice-Spotting/Signature
  • TAPPS- Texas Association of Private and Parochial Schools
  • TBC- to be confirmed, to be continued
  • TBS- Turner Broadcasting System
  • TeVeS- Tensor Vector Scalar theory
  • TIBS- Tactical Information Broadcast System
  • TOBS- Time of OBServation
  • TVG- (p/i) Television Games (Network)
  • TVS- Tornado vortex signature
  • TEFC- Totally Enclosed Fan Cooled
  • TIEBK- Tieback Report
  • TOFS- Time of first surface sample (on seismic trace)
  • TPQ- Amado Nervo National Airport
  • TVC- Cherry Capital Airport
  • TBJ- Tabarka - 7 Novembre International Airport
  • TBZ- Tabriz International Airport