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2CTVHA2nd Connecticut Volunteer Heavy ArtilleryNon-Profit Organizations

Abbreviations similar to 2ctvha

  • CAT IIIb- Operational performance Category IIIb
  • CTAF- Common traffic advisory frequency
  • CATT-B- Component Advanced Technology TestBed (US)
  • CCTV- Closed-circuit television
  • CITV- Commander's independent thermal viewer (US)
  • CDB- Career Development Boards
  • CCDEF- Coordinating Committee of Democratic Forces
  • CCDF- Coordinating Committee of Democratic Forces
  • CEDEP- Center for the Development of People
  • CDF- California Department of Forestry [and Fire Protection]
  • CJTF- Combined Joint Task Force
  • CTDB- Compact Terrain Data Base (file format)
  • CIDP- Chronic inflammatory demyelinating polyneuropathy
  • CDP- common depth point (geophysics)
  • CHDTP- calliper HDT playback log
  • CITHP- closed-in tubing head pressure (tubing head pressure when the well is shut in)
  • CYDIP- cyberdip log