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2MASP(catalog) Two-Micron All Sky Survey Prototype, an early version of the 2MASS catalogastronomy

Abbreviations similar to 2masp

  • MyGIF- Malaysian Government Interoperability Framework
  • MCBF- Mean cycles between failures
  • MKP- Multi-function Keypad
  • MSP- Modes S-Specific Protocol
  • MCV- Mechanised Combat Vehicle
  • MGB- Medium Girder Bridge
  • MICV- mechanised infantry combat vehicle
  • MSV- Modular Support Vehicle
  • MICAP- Mission Incapable
  • MCPO- Master Chief Petty Officer
  • MMCPO- Maintenance Master Chief Petty Officer
  • MCP- Maintenance Collection Point
  • MCSF- Marine Corps Security Forces
  • MJP- Military Judgement Panel
  • MSB- Main Support Battalion
  • MSPA- Migrant and Seasonal worker Protection Act