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2Pproved and probable reservesoil&gas

Abbreviations similar to 2p

  • PA- Public address system
  • PHO- Physician hospital organization
  • PPE- Personal protective equipment
  • PPI- Producer price index
  • PPO- Preferred provider organization
  • P&A- Percussion and auscultation
  • PBI- Protein-bound iodine
  • pH- Expression of acidity or alkalinity. pH 7 is neutral;above 7 alkalinity increases; below 7 acidity decreases.
  • P- How pack howitzer
  • P3I- Pre-Planned Product Improvements
  • PE- MoD Procurement Executive (UK)
  • PFHE- prefragmented high explosive
  • Pi- Probability of incapacitation
  • PIE- pyrotechnically initiated explosive
  • POW- Prisoner(s) of War