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2S2DDouble Sided Double Densitycomputing abbreviations and acronyms

Abbreviations similar to 2s2d

  • SDO- Standard Development Organization
  • STD- Standard
  • SAT- Static air temperature
  • SD- Secure digital
  • SID- Standard instrument departure
  • SADA- Standard Advanced Dewar Assembly
  • SEATO- Southeast Asia Treaty Organisation
  • SKOT- Sredni Kolowy Opancerzny Transporter (armoured personnel carrier)
  • ST- Staff Target
  • STA- shell transfer arm
  • SUIT- Sight Unit Infantry Trilux
  • SWAT- Special Weapons And Tactics
  • SEAD- Suppression of Enemy Air Defenses
  • SKT- Specialty Knowledge Test
  • SSgt- Staff Sergeant
  • SST- Supervisor Safety Training
  • SCAT- Small Craft Attack Team