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2WVIA2nd Wisconsin Volunteer Infantry AssociationNon-Profit Organizations

Abbreviations similar to 2wvia

  • WAV- WAVE form Audio Format
  • Wi-Fi- Wireless Fidelity
  • WAF- Women (in the) Air Force and individual members of; obsolete
  • WP- white phosphorus
  • WAFF- West African Frontier Force
  • WAAF- Women's Auxiliary Air Force (World War
  • WAP- Wireless Application Protocol
  • WAYP- White And Yellow Pages
  • Wb- Weber
  • WBA- Warner Bros. Animation
  • WBE- Work Breakdown Element
  • WBO- World Boxing Organization
  • WEF- World Economic Forum
  • WF- Wallis and Futuna Islands (ISO 3166 digram)
  • WFF- Wallops Flight Facility