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3GPP: MeaningCategory
3GPPmobile broadband "3G" Partnership Projectcomputing
3GPPThird Generation Partnership Projectcomputing abbreviations and acronyms

Abbreviations similar to 3gpp

  • G2B- Government to Business
  • GIF- Graphics Interchange Format
  • GAF- Geographic adjustment factor
  • GP- General practitioner
  • GAP- Gun Aiming Post
  • GFE- Government Furnished Equipment
  • GOP- General Out Post
  • GPO- gun position officer
  • GVW- Gross Vehicle Weight
  • GOV- Government Owned Vehicle
  • GABA- Ghana Amateur Boxing Association
  • GBA- Ghana Bar Association
  • GCFA- Gold Coast Farmers' Association
  • GCP- Ghana Congress Party
  • GCPP- Great Consolidated Popular Party
  • GFA- Ghana Football Authority