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3M: MeaningCategory
3MMaintenance and Material Management (3M System)Navy
3MMaintenance and Materiel ManagementMilitary abbreviations

Abbreviations similar to 3m

  • MUI- Multilingual User Interface
  • MM- Middle marker
  • MOA- Military operations area
  • MA- Medicare Advantage
  • MEI- Medical economic index
  • MMA- Medicare Modernization Act of 2003
  • MUA- Medically underserved area
  • MHA- Master of Hospital Administration Master of Health Administration
  • MI- Myocardial infarction; also Mitral insufficiency or Mental institution
  • ME- Medical examiner
  • m- metre(s)
  • MAW- Marine Air Wing (US)
  • MIA- Missing In Action
  • MoU- Memorandum of Understanding
  • MEO- Military Equal Opportunity
  • MAA- Master At Arms