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3R33.3 ohm ResistorElectronics abbreviations

Abbreviations similar to 3r3

  • RA- Resolution advisory (TCAS)
  • RAI- Radio altimeter indicator
  • RAA- Royal Australian Artillery
  • RAE- Royal Aircraft Establishment, Royal Aircraft Establishment (Farnborough)
  • RAO- Rear Area Operations
  • RAW- Rifleman's Assault Weapon
  • RHA- rolled homogeneous armour
  • RO- Royal Ordnance
  • ROE- Rules Of Engagement
  • RR- Recoilless rifle
  • RW- Reconnaissance Wing
  • RIO- Radar Intercept Officer
  • R- Reinforcing||Right|| Röntgen|| Restricted (movie rating)
  • R0- 99|| R-value (insulation)