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4P4TQuad-Pole Quad-ThrowElectronics abbreviations

Abbreviations similar to 4p4t

  • PDA- Personal Digital Assistant
  • PPT- PowerPoint
  • PD- Profile descent
  • PFD- Primary flight display or primary flight director
  • PTT- Push-to-talk
  • PET- Positron emission tomography
  • PT- Physical therapy
  • PAT- Paroxysmal atrial tachycardia
  • Ped.- Pediatrics; also Pediatrician
  • PDW- Personal Defence Weapon
  • PIAT- Projector, Infantry, Anti Tank
  • PID- Positive Identification
  • PTO- power take-off
  • PFT- Physical Fitness Test
  • PITT- Person In need of Technical Training