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AT%: Meaning Category
AT% Atomic Percent Chemistry abbreviations
A&T: Meaning Category
A&T North Carolina Agricultural & Technical State University University abbreviations
A/T: Meaning Category
A/T autothrottle aerospace
A-T: Meaning Category
A-T Ataxia-telangiectasia acronyms for diseases and disorders
At: Meaning Category
At Astatine Acronym
At Total Attainable Search Area Military abbreviations
aT: Meaning Category
aT Attotesla Acronym
AT: Meaning Category
AT Auto Throttle avionics
AT Anti-tank military
AT Ape tape military
AT Aviation Electronics Technician Navy
AT Annual Training [U.S. Navy Reserves, type of orders, typically less than 30 days] Navy
AT Anti-Tank|| Ashmore and Cartier Islands (FIPS 10-4 territory code)||Austria (ISO 3166 digram)|| Advanced Technology (IBM Personal Computer/AT) Acronym
AT Advanced Technology computing
AT Access Time computing
AT Active Terminator computing
AT Adenine and Thymine Chemistry abbreviations
AT Alkaline Transition Chemistry abbreviations
AT Accessible Technology Educational abbreviations
AT Absolute Terror Military abbreviations
AT Acceptance Test Military abbreviations
AT Access Type Military abbreviations
AT Acquisition Team Military abbreviations
AT Air Transport Military abbreviations
AT Alert Time Military abbreviations
AT Annual Training Military abbreviations
AT Anti-Tank Military abbreviations
AT Agile and Transparent software abbreviations and acronyms
AT Agent Team sports abbreviations
AT All Times sports abbreviations
AT Arranged Team sports abbreviations

Abbreviations similar to @

  • 101AD - 101st Airborne Division
  • 11AD - 11th Airborne Division
  • 13AD - 13th Airborne Division
  • 17AD - 17th Airborne Division
  • 2AD - 2nd Armored Division
  • 82AD - 82nd Airborne Division
  • 82ADA - 82nd Airborne Division Association
  • 82ADAI - 82nd Airborne Division Association, Inc.
  • A2ATD - Anti-Armor Advanced Technology Demonstrator
  • A99ID - Associates of the 99th Infantry Division
  • AAAD - An Army At Dawn
  • AAAT - Armand Arabian Advocacy Tournament
  • AAD - Armoured amphibious dozer
  • AADA - Advocates Against Domestic Abuse
  • AADD - Adult attention deficit disorder
  • AADE - American Association of Drilling Engineers
  • AADI - American Aerospace & Defense Industries
  • AADT - annual average daily traffic
  • AAED - Advanced Airborne Expendable Decoy
  • AAT - Australian Antarctic Territory