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A Ampere Acronym
A Appraisal (well) oil&gas
A Assist sports
A Atom Chemistry abbreviations
A Activism Community abbreviations
A Adjective Educational abbreviations
A Artemis Educational abbreviations
A Anode Electronics abbreviations
A form A (normally open) contacts Electronics abbreviations
A Archived computing abbreviations and acronyms
A Analog Military abbreviations
A Agiliance software abbreviations and acronyms
A Aakash University abbreviations
A Advanced University abbreviations
A Art University abbreviations
A The Arts University abbreviations
a: Meaning Category
a Atto- Acronym

Abbreviations similar to a

  • 8A - Minority-owned or other Disadvantaged Business
  • A0 - FAAD C2I Workstation computer unit
  • A10 - Atlantic 10 Conference
  • A2 - Antenne 2 ( France)
  • A-3 - Air Force Operations Directorate
  • A4 - many, including a European standard office paper size; see entry
  • A-5 - Air Force Plans Directorate
  • AA - anti-aircraft
  • AAA - anti-aircraft artillery "Triple A"
  • AAAA - Associated Actors and Artists of America
  • AAAAAA - American Association of Advertising Agencies
  • AAAI - American Association for Artificial Intelligence
  • AAE - Rabah Bitat Airport (Les Salines Airport)
  • AAEI - Asosiasi Analis Efek Indonesia
  • AAH - Merzbrück Airport
  • AAHA - Awaiting Action Higher Authority
  • AAHAA - Aahaa NewsPaper In Hindi. India
  • AAI - applied artificial intelligence
  • AAIA - African Americans In Advertising
  • AAII - American Association of Individual Investors