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ae: Meaning Category
ae Avestan language (ISO 639-1 code) Acronym
AE: Meaning Category
AE action express military
AE Aviation Electrician's Mate Navy
AE Armed Forces Africa/Canada/Europe/Middle East (postal symbol) Acronym
AE United Arab Emirates (ISO 3166 digram; FIPS 10-4 country code) Acronym
AE Artix Entertainment Acronym
AE American Eagle Acronym
AE Adaptive Equalizer computing
AE Acetonitrile Eluate Chemistry abbreviations
AE Acid Equivalent Chemistry abbreviations
AE Atomic Emission Chemistry abbreviations
AE Auger Electron Chemistry abbreviations
AE Additional Exercise Educational abbreviations
AE Alternative Education Educational abbreviations
AE Active Entity computing abbreviations and acronyms
AE Abstract Expressionism media abbreviations and acronyms
AE Academic Edition media abbreviations and acronyms
AE After the End media abbreviations and acronyms
AE Alter Ego media abbreviations and acronyms
AE Artifact Entertainment media abbreviations and acronyms
AE Automatic Exposure media abbreviations and acronyms
AE "AIR EVAC" Military abbreviations
AE Aerial Exploitation Military abbreviations
AE aero-medical evacuation Military abbreviations
AE Aeromedical Evacuation Military abbreviations
AE Angle Eject Military abbreviations
AE Architect-Engineer Military abbreviations
AE Area Effect Military abbreviations
AE Army Europe Military abbreviations
AE Assault Echelon Military abbreviations
AE Attack Electronic Military abbreviations
AE Attenuation Equalizer Military abbreviations
AE Auxiliary Equipment Military abbreviations
AE Association Executive Non-Profit Organizations
AE Advanced Edition software abbreviations and acronyms
AE Anthony's Editor (editor for Linux) software abbreviations and acronyms
AE Application Entity software abbreviations and acronyms
AE ASCII Express software abbreviations and acronyms
AE Also Eligible sports abbreviations
AE Anime Experience sports abbreviations
AE Academic Enrichment University abbreviations
AE Agricultural Engineering University abbreviations
AE American English University abbreviations

Abbreviations similar to a-e

  • AHA - American Hospital Association … or American Heart Association
  • AI - Aortic insufficiency
  • AA - anti-aircraft
  • AAA - anti-aircraft artillery "Triple A"
  • Ah - Ampere hour
  • AO - Area of operations
  • AOI - Arab Organisation for Industrialisation
  • AWE - Advanced Warfighting Experiment
  • AEW - Air Expeditionary Wing
  • AU - Air University
  • AW - Airlift Wing
  • AAW - Anti-Air warfare
  • AOW - Auxilliaryman of the Watch
  • AAO - American Academy of Ophthalmology