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AV: Meaning Category
AV Anguilla (FIPS 10-4 territory code) Acronym
AV Audio-Visual Acronym
AV Aviation Acronym
AV annular velocity or apparent viscosity oil&gas
AV Apple Village Community abbreviations
AV Arroyo Vista Community abbreviations
AV AVenue Community abbreviations
AV Alphabetic Verses Educational abbreviations
AV AVerage Educational abbreviations
AV Adjustable Volume Electronics abbreviations
AV Amateur Video media abbreviations and acronyms
AV Aperture Value media abbreviations and acronyms
AV Audio Visual media abbreviations and acronyms
AV Authorized Version media abbreviations and acronyms
AV Air Vehicle Military abbreviations
AV Anti Vehicle Military abbreviations
AV Asset Visibility Military abbreviations
AV Autovon Military abbreviations
AV Available Vehicles Military abbreviations
AV Avionics Military abbreviations
AV American Visions Non-Profit Organizations
AV Acrobat Viewer software abbreviations and acronyms
AV Anti Virus software abbreviations and acronyms
AV Aspect View software abbreviations and acronyms
aV: Meaning Category
aV Attovolt Acronym
Av: Meaning Category
Av Aperture value (photographic mode) Acronym
av: Meaning Category
av Avar language (ISO 639-1 code) Acronym

Abbreviations similar to a-v

  • ABI - Application Binary Interface
  • API - Application Program Interface
  • AVI - Audio Video Interleave
  • A/P - Autopilot
  • AOP - Airport Operating Plan
  • APU - Auxiliary Power Unit
  • AAHP - American Association of Health Plans
  • AF - Atrial fibrillation
  • AAAV - Advanced Amphibious Assault Vehicle
  • AAV - Amphibious assault vehicle
  • AB - Air Burst
  • AEF - Allied expeditionary force
  • AEV - Armoured engineer vehicle
  • AFV - Armored Family of Vehicles (US)
  • AIF - Australian Imperial Force (Australia, WWI)
  • AIFV - Armoured infantry fighting vehicle
  • AP - Anti-personnel