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AACTS: MeaningCategory
AACTSAging & Adult Client Tracking SystemCommunity abbreviations
AACTSAutomated Accelerated Characterization Test StationElectronics abbreviations
AACTSAPS Automated Client Tracking Systemcomputing abbreviations and acronyms
AACTSAlpena Air Combat Training SystemMilitary abbreviations
AACTSAutomated All-weather Cargo Transfer SystemMilitary abbreviations
AACTSAdolescents and Adults Choosing True SolutionsNon-Profit Organizations
AACTSArthur Andersen Corporate Tax Softwaresoftware abbreviations and acronyms
AACTSAutomatic Analog Circuit Test Strategistsoftware abbreviations and acronyms
AACTSAcademic Affairs Committee for Transfer StudentsUniversity abbreviations

Abbreviations similar to aacts

  • AG (TAG)- Adjutant General, (The)
  • ACDC- Army Central Defence Committee
  • AGDC- Australian Game Developers' Conference
  • AGTS- Advanced Gunnery Training System
  • ASD(C3I)- (U.S.) (Command, Control, Communications, & Intelligence)
  • ASD(ISA)- (U.S.) Assistant Secretary of Defense (International Security Affairs)
  • ASD(ISP)- (U.S.) Assistant Secretary of Defense (International Security Policy)
  • ASD(SO&HA)- (U.S.) Assistant Secretary of Defense (Special Operations & Humanitarian Assistance)
  • ASD(SO/LIC)- (U.S.) (Special Operations & Low-Intensity Conflict)
  • ASD(S&R)- (U.S.) Assistant Secretary of Defense (Strategy & Requirements)
  • ASD(S&TR)- (U.S.) Assistant Secretary of Defense (Strategy & Threat Reduction)
  • ASDIC- Allied Submarine Detection Investigation Committee (Sonar)
  • ASDs- Autism spectrum disorders
  • ACDS- Apprenticeship For Child Development Specialist
  • ACTS- A Community Tutoring Successfully