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AALC: Meaning Category
AALC ATM Adaptation Layer Connection computing
AALC Ann Arbor Learning Community Educational abbreviations
AALC Advanced Airdrop for Land Combat Military abbreviations
AALC African American Leadership Council Non-Profit Organizations
AALC American Association Of Lifestyle Counselors Non-Profit Organizations
AALC Arizona Andrology Laboratory Cryobank University abbreviations

Abbreviations similar to aalc

  • AAALAC - Association for the Assessment and Accreditation of Laboratory Animal Care International
  • AALAS - American Association for Laboratory Animal Science
  • AALOC - Active Army Location
  • AALS - African American Leaders Society
  • AEELS - Automatic Electronic Emitter Locating System
  • ALAC - Apple Lossless Audio Codec
  • ALAS - Alex Lovell Appreciation Society
  • ALAUS - American Latvian Association in the United States
  • ALAUSA - American Latvian Institute of the United States
  • ALC - Automatic Level Control
  • ALCC - Austin Laymans Crimestalker Casebook
  • ALCE - Airlift Control Element
  • ALCG - Analog Line Conditioning Group
  • ALCI - American Language And Culture Institute
  • ALCJ - Army Logistics Command Japan
  • ALCO - Aircraft Launch Control Officer
  • ALCS - Authors Licensing Collecting Society
  • ALEC - American Legislative Exchange Council
  • ALG - Algeria (IOC and FIFA trigram, but not ISO 3166)
  • ALIAS - Advanced Lightweight Intelligent Armament System