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AAMPPArtists, Agents, Managers, Producers, promotersCommunity abbreviations
AAMPPArtist, Agent, Manager, Producer, Promotermedia abbreviations and acronyms

Abbreviations similar to aampp

  • ANP- Advanced nurse practitioner
  • AMF- Amphibische Mehrzweck-Fahrzeuge (multipurpose amphibious vehicle)
  • ANF- Australian Nursing Federation
  • AAMOF- as a matter of fact
  • AIMP- Aurora Incremental Modernization Project
  • AMP- Adenosine MonoPhosphate
  • ANFO- Ammonium nitrate/fuel oil (explosive)
  • ANOVA- ANalysis Of VAriance
  • AMV- annulus master valve
  • AMB- Ambilobe Airport
  • ANB- Anniston Metropolitan Airport
  • ANV- Anvik Airport
  • AMBO- Armenia, Macedonia, Bulgaria Oil pipeline