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Ab.: Meaning Category
Ab. Abbas ("Abbot") ecclesiastical
A.B.: Meaning Category
A.B. Artium Baccalaureus ("Bachelor of Arts") ecclesiastical
ab: Meaning Category
ab Abkhaz language (ISO 639-1 code) Acronym
AB: Meaning Category
AB Air Burst military
AB Airman Basic Airforce
AB Air Base Airforce
AB Aviation Boatswain's Mate Navy
AB Able Seaman (both the rank and the occupation) Acronym
AB Alberta (postal symbol) Acronym
AB at-bats sports
AB Acid Base Chemistry abbreviations
AB Acid Bath Chemistry abbreviations
AB Associated Board Community abbreviations
AB Active Bridge Electronics abbreviations
AB Amplifier Board Electronics abbreviations
AB Automatic Balancing Electronics abbreviations
AB Application Bulletin computing abbreviations and acronyms
AB After Brady media abbreviations and acronyms
AB American Bandstand media abbreviations and acronyms
AB Able Bodied Military abbreviations
AB After the Bomb Military abbreviations
AB Air Boss Military abbreviations
AB AirBorne Military abbreviations
AB All Battle Military abbreviations
AB Answer Back Military abbreviations
AB Atomic Bomb Military abbreviations
AB Apache Bench software abbreviations and acronyms
AB Application Bridge software abbreviations and acronyms
AB Air Bike sports abbreviations
AB At Bats sports abbreviations
AB Accreditation Body University abbreviations
AB Activities Building University abbreviations
AB Advanced Business University abbreviations
AB Alpha Beta University abbreviations

Abbreviations similar to ab

  • ABI - Application Binary Interface
  • API - Application Program Interface
  • AVI - Audio Video Interleave
  • A/P - Autopilot
  • AOP - Airport Operating Plan
  • APU - Auxiliary Power Unit
  • AAHP - American Association of Health Plans
  • AF - Atrial fibrillation
  • AAAV - Advanced Amphibious Assault Vehicle
  • AAV - Amphibious assault vehicle
  • AEF - Allied expeditionary force
  • AEV - Armoured engineer vehicle
  • AFV - Armored Family of Vehicles (US)
  • AIF - Australian Imperial Force (Australia, WWI)
  • AIFV - Armoured infantry fighting vehicle
  • AP - Anti-personnel