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abd. artists board Community abbreviations
Abd.: Meaning Category
Abd. Abdominal healthcare
ABD: Meaning Category
ABD Abadan Airport [Abadan, Iran] IATA Airport Code
ABD American Board of Dermatology Community abbreviations
ABD Attack By Drawing media abbreviations and acronyms
ABD Air Base Defense Military abbreviations
ABD Aircraft Battle Damage Military abbreviations
ABD Art of Boomerang Design sports abbreviations
ABD All But Dissertation University abbreviations

Abbreviations similar to abd

  • ABAIT - Automatic Board Assembly, Inspection, and Test
  • ABAT - AirLand Battle Advanced Technologies
  • ABATE - American Bikers Aimed Towards Education
  • ABET - Accreditation Board for Engineering and Technology
  • ABHIDE - Army Behavioral Health Integrated Data Environment
  • ABIT - advanced built-in test
  • ABOTO - American Board of Otology
  • ABT - Al-Baha Domestic Airport
  • ABTA - American Brain Tumor Association
  • ABVT - Ananda Buddha Vihara Trust
  • ABWT - Ansar Burney Welfare Trust (Pakistan)
  • AEPT - Advanced Engine/ Propulsion Technology
  • AFAT - Arizona Financial Aid Trust
  • AFD - Autopilot flight director
  • AFDD - Aero Flight Dynamics Directorate
  • AFDE - Artic Fuel Dispensing Equipment Fuel Dispensing Equipment
  • AFDH - American Fund for Dental Health
  • AFDO - Australian Federation of Disability Organisations
  • AFFT - Americans For Fair Taxation
  • AFID - Anti-Fratricide Identification Device