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ABLE: Meaning Category
ABLE AirBorne Law Enforcement (police air support unit) Acronym
ABLE Able Bodies Laboring Everywhere Community abbreviations
ABLE A Balanced Literacy Environment Educational abbreviations
ABLE Access Belonging Learning Equality Educational abbreviations
ABLE Acquiring the Basics of Living and Employment Educational abbreviations
ABLE Adult Basic Literacy Education Educational abbreviations
ABLE Adult Blind Learning Experience Educational abbreviations
ABLE Annandale Beginning Learners Education Educational abbreviations
ABLE Army Buffer Link-1 Europe Military abbreviations
ABLE Achieving Beyond Limited Expectations Non-Profit Organizations
ABLE Association for Better Living and Education Non-Profit Organizations
ABLE Agent Building and Learning Environment software abbreviations and acronyms
ABLE A Better Learning Environment University abbreviations

Abbreviations similar to able

  • APHL - Association of Public Health Laboratories
  • AVL - Armoured Vehicle Light
  • AFLOA - Air Force Legal Operations Agency
  • ABL - American Basketball League
  • AFL - American Federation of Labor
  • APL - A Programming Language||Acute Promyeloid Leukaemia||Anti-Personnel Landmine||Applied Physics Laboratory (Johns Hopkins University)
  • APOLLO - Apache Point Observatory Lunar Laser-ranging Operation
  • AAPL - American Association of Professional Landmen
  • APPL - AIDS Prevention and Positive Living