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ABSC: Meaning Category
ABSC Automatic Blip Scan Counter Electronics abbreviations
ABSC Air Base Security Council Military abbreviations
ABSC American Basic Science Club Non-Profit Organizations
ABSC Arkansas Baptist State Convention Non-Profit Organizations
ABSC Australian Billiards and Snooker Council sports abbreviations
ABSC Academic Board Standards Committee University abbreviations
ABSC Arizona Barber Styling College University abbreviations

Abbreviations similar to absc

  • AVC - Advanced Video Coding
  • ABAS - Aircraft-Based Augmentation System
  • AFCS - Automatic flight control system
  • AFIS - Either; Automatic flight information service or airborne flight information system
  • APC - Auto Pilot Computer
  • APS - Auto Pilot System
  • AAPCC - Average Adjusted Per Capita Cost
  • APG - Ambulatory patient group
  • AAPC - Advanced Armoured Personnel Carrier (Turkey)
  • ABC - Atomic, biological, chemical (replaced by chemical, biological, radiological (CBR), and Nuclear, biological, chemical (NBC))
  • AB(C) - Aviation battalion (combat)
  • ABS - Aww-Busting System
  • AFAS - advanced Field Artillery System
  • AFC - Australian Flying Corps
  • AFSC - air force specialty code
  • AIFS - Advanced Indirect Fire System