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ABSD: MeaningCategory
ABSDAdvanced Base Supply DepotMilitary abbreviations
ABSDAgent Based Software Developmentsoftware abbreviations and acronyms
ABSDAsoc De Bodyboard De Santo Domingosports abbreviations
ABSDApplied Behavioural Sciences DepartmentUniversity abbreviations

Abbreviations similar to absd

  • APC-T- Armour-piercing capped
  • APCT-BF- Armour-piercing capped tracer
  • APFSDS-T- Armour-piercing fin-stabilised discarding sabot - tracer
  • APFSDS(P)- Armour-piercing fin-stabilised discarding sabot (practice)
  • APFSDSDU- Armour piercing fin-stabilised discarding sabot, depleted uranium
  • APSE-T- Armour-piercing secondary effect
  • AFCAT- Air Force Catalog
  • AFOQT- Air Force Officer Qualifying Test
  • AFSOUTH- Air Forces Southern
  • ABFIST- Advanced Bradley Full Crew Interactive Skills Trainer
  • ABSTRIPS- abstraction-based STRIPS
  • AFAICT- As Far As I Can Tell
  • AFIST- Abrams Full Crew Interactive Skills Trainer
  • AFQT- Armed Forces Qualification Test
  • APFSDS- Armour-Piercing, Fin-Stabilised, Discarding Sabot (ammunition)
  • AVCATT- A|| (U.S. Army's) Aviation Combed Arms Tactical Trainer-Aviation [Reconfigurable Manned Simulator]
  • ABCD syndrome- albinism
  • Apost.- Apostolus ("Apostle")
  • Ap. Sed.- Apostolica Sedes ("Apostolic See")
  • Ap. Sed. Leg.- Apostolicae Sedis Legatus ("Legate of the Apostolic See")