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ABUPAuxiliary Back- Up PlateMilitary abbreviations

Abbreviations similar to abup

  • APEP- Armour-Piercing Enhancement Programme
  • AFOEV- (organization) Association française des observateurs d'étoiles variables
  • APIPA- Automatic Private IP Addressing
  • ABAB- Applied Biochemistry and Biotechnology
  • APHB- Andhra Pradesh Housing Board
  • AVEPA- Aubrey Valley Experimental Population Area
  • ABIP- African Books In Print
  • AFAP- Arthritis Foundation Aquatic Program
  • AFHV- Americas Funniest Home Videos
  • AAFIF- Automated Air Facilities Information File
  • ABOIP- Amended Basis of Issue Plan
  • AFEP- Army Facilities Energy Program
  • AFIP- ADLER/ AFATDS Interoperability Program
  • AFOPO- Air Force Outreach Program Office