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ACAS: Meaning Category
ACAS Airborne Collision Avoidance System avionics
ACAS Aboriginal Children's Advancement Society Acronym
ACAS Advisory, Conciliation and Arbitration Service Acronym
ACAS airborne collision avoidance system aerospace
ACAS Asian Community Aids Services Community abbreviations
ACAS Army Commissary Automated System Military abbreviations
ACAS Army Crisis Action System Military abbreviations
ACAS Arizonans Concerned About Smoking Non-Profit Organizations
ACAS Association of Concerned Africa Scholars Non-Profit Organizations
ACAS Adaptive Context Aware Services software abbreviations and acronyms
ACAS Academic Credentials Assessment Service University abbreviations
ACAS American College of Applied Science University abbreviations

Abbreviations similar to acas

  • AACOC - Alliance Area Chamber of Commerce
  • AACUS - Autonomous Aerial Cargo/Utility System [USN]
  • ACAC - Atlanta Community Access Coalition
  • ACACS - Army Command and Area Communications System
  • ACAIS - Air Carrier Airport Information System
  • ACASA - Adult Clinic Assessment Software Application
  • ACCAC - Awdurdod Cymwysterau, Cwricwlwm ac Asesu Cymru (Qualifications, Curriculum and Assessment Authority for Wales)
  • ACCA-GH - Air Conditioning Contractors Association - Greater Houston
  • ACCES - Advanced Combustion Chemical Engineering Solutions
  • ACCESS - Accessible Community Care Emergency Support Service
  • ACCIS - Army Command & Control Information System
  • ACEHSA - Accrediting Commission on Education for Health Services Administration [later became CAHME]
  • ACES - Aerolíneas Centrales de Colombia (Spanish, "Central Colombian Airlines")
  • ACES-1 - Army Consolidated Enterprise Solutions-1 contract
  • ACG/CAG - Angle closure glaucoma
  • ACHC - Abbotsford Community Health Committee
  • ACHCA - American College of Health Care Administrators
  • ACHS - Asociación CHilena de Seguridad
  • ACIC - Aeronautical Chart and Information Center
  • ACICS - American Council for Independent Colleges and Schools