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ACDA: MeaningCategory
ACDAArms Control & Disarmament AgencyAcronym
ACDAAmerican Commodity Distribution AssociationCommunity abbreviations
ACDAArms Control and Disarmament AgencyMilitary abbreviations
ACDAAfrican Cultural and Development AssociationNon-Profit Organizations

Abbreviations similar to acda

  • ASD- Aircraft situation display
  • ASCOD- Austrian Spanish Co-operative Development
  • ACOT- Advanced Communications Officer Training
  • AGD- Academy of General Dentistry
  • ACID- Amansuri Conservation and Integrated Development
  • ACCD- American Coalition of Citizens with Disabilities
  • ACDT- Apple Certified Desktop Technician
  • ACHT- Average Call Hold Time
  • ACST- Australian Central Standard Time
  • ACT- Adaptive Control of Thought (cognitive model)
  • ACTD- Advanced Concept Technology Demonstration
  • ACTU- Australian Council of Trade Unions
  • AEST- Australian Eastern Standard Time