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ACDRAssociation of Committees for the Defence of the Revolutionghana

Abbreviations similar to acdr

  • ASTROS- Artillery Saturation Rocket System (Brazil)
  • A/Cdre- Air Commodore
  • ASD(RA)- (U.S.) Assistant Secretary of Defense (Reserve Affairs)
  • ASTREA- Aerial Support To Regional Enforcement Agencies (sheriff's air support unit)
  • ASTRO- (spacecraft) Autonomous Space Transport Robotic Operations
  • ASTARS- APRS (Automatic Position Reporting System) Satellite Tracking And Reporting System
  • ACTOR- Aerial Close Target Observation Report
  • ASD(RSA)- Assistant Secretary of Defense (Regional Security Affairs)
  • ASDR- ATCCS System Design Review
  • ASWTR- Anti-Submarine Warfare Training Range
  • ACTRA- Atlantic Canada Trail Riding Association
  • ASTRA- ActionScript Toolkit for Rich Applications