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ACDS: Meaning Category
ACDS Apprenticeship For Child Development Specialist Educational abbreviations
ACDS Active Control Data Set computing abbreviations and acronyms
ACDS Advanced Combat Direction System Military abbreviations
ACDS American Contact Dermatitis Society Non-Profit Organizations
ACDS African Centre for Disaster Studies University abbreviations
ACDS Australian Council of Deans of Science University abbreviations

Abbreviations similar to acds

  • AACTS - Aging & Adult Client Tracking System
  • ACATS - Advanced Combat And Tactical Simulation
  • ACCTS - Association For Christian Conferences Teaching And Service
  • ACDC - Army Central Defence Committee
  • Actg - Acting
  • ACTJRU - Australian Capital Territory Junior Rugby Union
  • ACTS - A Community Tutoring Successfully
  • ACUDS - Atlantic Common University Data Set
  • AGDC - Australian Game Developers' Conference
  • AG (TAG) - Adjutant General, (The)
  • AGTS - Advanced Gunnery Training System
  • AGTTS - Artillery Gunnery Team Training System
  • ASD(C) - Assistant Secretary of Defense (Comptroller)
  • ASD(C3I) - (U.S.) (Command, Control, Communications, & Intelligence)
  • ASDG - Amazon Sustainable Development Group
  • ASDIC - Allied Submarine Detection Investigation Committee (Sonar)
  • ASDIS - All-Source Document Index Summary
  • ASD(ISA) - (U.S.) Assistant Secretary of Defense (International Security Affairs)
  • ASD(ISP) - (U.S.) Assistant Secretary of Defense (International Security Policy)
  • ASDs - Autism spectrum disorders