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ACESAerolíneas Centrales de Colombia (Spanish, "Central Colombian Airlines")Acronym
ACESAuxiliary Campus Enterprises and Services of Alfred State CollegeAcronym
ACESAmazon Community of Emotional SupportCommunity abbreviations
ACESAcademic And Cultural Event SeriesEducational abbreviations
ACESAcademic Coaching For Educational SuccessEducational abbreviations
ACESActivities Created Especially For StudentsEducational abbreviations
ACESAddiction Counselors Education StudentsEducational abbreviations
ACESAdult And Community Education SystemEducational abbreviations
ACESAkita Communicative English StudiesEducational abbreviations
ACESAmerican Children Exercising SimultaneouslyEducational abbreviations
ACESAssessment, Communication, Empathy, and SupportEducational abbreviations
ACESAssociation for Counselor Education and SupervisionEducational abbreviations
ACESAssociation Of Commended Essays ServicesEducational abbreviations
ACESAtlantic Council Of Engineering StudentsEducational abbreviations
ACESAirdrop Controlled Exit SystemMilitary abbreviations
ACESArmy Consolidated Enterprise SolutionsMilitary abbreviations
ACESArmy Continuing Education SystemMilitary abbreviations
ACESARROW Continuation ExperimentMilitary abbreviations
ACESAutomated Command and Control Evaluation SystemMilitary abbreviations
ACESAviation Candidate Entrance ScreeningMilitary abbreviations
ACESAnother Chance for English SettersNon-Profit Organizations
ACESAssociation For Children For Enforcement Of SupportNon-Profit Organizations
ACESAssociation for Children of Enforcement of SupportNon-Profit Organizations
ACESAutodesk Comprehensive Education Solutionsoftware abbreviations and acronyms
ACESAgility Conditioning Endurance And Strengthsports abbreviations
ACESAll Children Exercising Simultaneouslysports abbreviations
ACESAttitude Cooperation Example Sportsmanshipsports abbreviations
ACESAttitude, Citizenship, Effort, And Sportsmanshipsports abbreviations
ACESAcademic and Cultural Events SeriesUniversity abbreviations
ACESAcademic Challenges Enriching StudentsUniversity abbreviations
ACESAccelerated College Enrollment ScholarshipUniversity abbreviations
ACESAgricultural Consumer And Environmental SciencesUniversity abbreviations
ACESAlcohol Chemical Educational SeriesUniversity abbreviations
ACESAmerican College of Eye SurgeonsUniversity abbreviations
ACESApec Cooperation For Earthquake SimulationUniversity abbreviations
ACESApplied Computational And Engineering SciencesUniversity abbreviations
ACESAthletes Committed To Educating StudentsUniversity abbreviations
ACESAustralian Chinese Evangelical StudentsUniversity abbreviations

Abbreviations similar to aces

  • ACAS- Airborne Collision Avoidance System
  • AGACS- Automatic ground–air communications system, is also known as ATCSS or data link
  • ACOG- Advanced Combat Optical Gunsight
  • ACCAC- Awdurdod Cymwysterau, Cwricwlwm ac Asesu Cymru (Qualifications, Curriculum and Assessment Authority for Wales)
  • AEGIS- Airborne Early warning Ground environment Interface Segment (fake etymology)
  • AGASA- Akeno Giant Air Shower Array (cosmic ray detector)
  • Ajax- Asynchronous JavaScript And XML
  • ASIC- Australian Securities and Investments Commission|| Aviation Security Identification Card
  • ASICS- Anima sana in corpore sano (Latin, "A sound mind in a sound body") (athletic shoe manufacturer)
  • ASOC- Air Sovereignty Operations Centre||Air Support Operations Centre||Airport Security and Operations Centre||Antarctic and Southern Ocean Coalition||Atlanta Symphony Orchestra Chorus||Australian Standard Offence Classification
  • ACIS- (instrumentation) Advanced CCD Imaging Spectrometer, an instrument on the Chandra X-Ray Observatory
  • ACYG- (celestial object) Alpha CYGni, a class of rotating variable stars named after Alpha Cygni (Deneb), the archetype for the class
  • ASAS- Airborne Separation Assurance System
  • A.Q.I.C.- Anima Quiescat In Christo ("May his [or her] Soul Repose in Christ")