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ACM many, including Association for Computing Machinery; see entry Acronym
ACM Arica Airport [Arica, Amazonas, Colombia] IATA Airport Code
ACM (meeting) Asteroids, Comets, and Meteors astronomy
ACM Association for Computing Machinery computing
ACM Aluminium Composite Material Chemistry abbreviations
ACM Anormal Chemical Material Chemistry abbreviations
ACM Astrocyte-Conditioned Medium Chemistry abbreviations
ACM Allentown Cookout Meet Community abbreviations
ACM Absolute Characteristic Maxima Electronics abbreviations
ACM Aluminum Conductor Material Electronics abbreviations
ACM Audio Compression Manager Electronics abbreviations
ACM Advanced Computer Modeling computing abbreviations and acronyms
ACM Application Character Map computing abbreviations and acronyms
ACM Active Component Military Military abbreviations
ACM Additional Crew Member Military abbreviations
ACM Advanced Conventional Munitions Military abbreviations
ACM Advanced Cruise Missile Military abbreviations
ACM Aerial Combat Maneuvers Military abbreviations
ACM Air Combat Maneuver Military abbreviations
ACM Air Combat Maneuvers Military abbreviations
ACM Air Contingency MAGTF (Marine Air-Ground Task Force) Military abbreviations
ACM Airspace Control Measures Military abbreviations
ACM Airspace Coordinating Measure Military abbreviations
ACM Asbestos Containing Materials Military abbreviations
ACM Alliance for Community Media Non-Profit Organizations
ACM Amputee Center of Maryland Non-Profit Organizations
ACM Airimba Connection Manager software abbreviations and acronyms
ACM Alternate Control Module software abbreviations and acronyms
ACM Application Compatibility Module software abbreviations and acronyms

Abbreviations similar to acm

  • AACM - Ali Akbar College of Music
  • AACN - American Association of Critical-Care Nurses
  • AASAM - Active Army Seasonalized Accession Model
  • AASGON - Africa Asia Scholars Global Network
  • AASM - Advanced Air-to- Surface Missile
  • AAUC/N - African American Unity Centers/ National
  • AAWS-M - Advanced Anti-Armor Weapons System - Medium
  • ACCANY - Air Conditioning Contractors of America - Greater New York Chapter
  • ACCHAN - Allied Command Channel
  • ACCION - Americans for Community Cooperation In Other Nations
  • ACCME - Accreditation Council for Continuing Medical Education
  • ACCN - Army Command and Control Network
  • ACCOM - United States Army Communications COMmand
  • ACCON - ACoustic CONdition
  • ACGM - Adaptive Color Gamut Mapping
  • ACGME - Accreditation Council for Graduate Medical Education
  • ACHN - Army Community Health Nursing
  • ACIM - American Committee on Italian Migration
  • ACMA - Army Class Managing Activity
  • ACME - Automated Classification of Medical Entities