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ACPC: Meaning Category
ACPC 1- AminoCycloPropaneCarboxylic acid Chemistry abbreviations
ACPC Area Child Protection Committee Community abbreviations
ACPC Arts Coalition Planning Committee Community abbreviations
ACPC Arts Council of Placer County Community abbreviations
ACPC Asian Council For Peoples Culture Community abbreviations
ACPC American Committee for Peace in Chechnya Non-Profit Organizations
ACPC American Council for Polish Culture Non-Profit Organizations
ACPC Annual Conference Program Committee Non-Profit Organizations
ACPC Academic Computing Policy Committee University abbreviations
ACPC Alberta Collegiate Programming Contest University abbreviations
ACPC Association Canadienne des Professeurs de Comptabilit University abbreviations
ACPC Austrian Center for Parallel Computation University abbreviations

Abbreviations similar to acpc

  • ASBC - Air and Space Basic Course
  • ASPS - American Society of Plastic Surgeons
  • ACVS - Adult Commuter and Veterans Services
  • AGBG - Animal Genetics and Biotechnology Group
  • ASFC - Automotive Safety For Children
  • ASFSA - American School Food Service Association
  • ASPC - Academic Sector Planning Committee
  • ASPCA - Architectural Support For Performance Critical Applications
  • ACPC-99 - Fourth International Conference of the Austrian Center for Parallel Computation
  • ACBJ - American City Business Journals, Inc.
  • ACFC - Angela Cartwright Fan Club
  • ACFG - Animal Crossing Friends Gathering
  • ACFK - Asociace Ceskych Filmovych Klubu
  • ACFS - Advanced Concept Flight Simulator
  • ACIIP(S) - Automated Clothing Initial Issue Point (System)
  • ACOFS - Assistant Chief of Staff
  • ACPS - Army Civilian Personnel System
  • ACVC - Ada Compiler Validation Capabilitity