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ACRB: Meaning Category
ACRB Association of Community Radio Broadcasters media abbreviations and acronyms
ACRB Acquisition Career Record Brief Military abbreviations
ACRB Army Council of Review Boards Military abbreviations

Abbreviations similar to acrb

  • ACRV - Armoured command and reconnaissance vehicle
  • ACRP - Automatic Contact Resistance Probe
  • ACEREP - Assistant Chief of Engineers REPort
  • ACRF - African Crisis Reaction Force
  • ASRAP - Acoustic Sensor Range Prediction
  • ASRV - Armored Scout and Reconnaissance Vehicle
  • ACRREF - American College of Rheumatology Research and Education Foundation
  • AGRIP - Accessible Games Rendering Independence Possible
  • AASRP - African American Studies and Research Program