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ACRS: Meaning Category
ACRS Accelerated Cost Recovery System (finance) energy
ACRS Automated Computer Response System computing abbreviations and acronyms
ACRS Arms Control and Regional Security Military abbreviations
ACRS Applied Computational Research Society Non-Profit Organizations
ACRS Association Canadienne des Revues Savantes Non-Profit Organizations
ACRS Australian Coral Reef Society Non-Profit Organizations

Abbreviations similar to acrs

  • 3/278ACRSF - 3rd Squadron 278th Armored Cavaalry Regiment Support Fund
  • A2C2 or A2C2 - Army Airspace Command and Control
  • ACARS - Aircraft Communications Addressing and Reporting System
  • ACRC - Advisory Committee on Research Computing
  • ACRES - Audubon Center For Research Of Endangered Species
  • ACRG - Association for Community-Responsive Government
  • ACRK - ACademic RanK
  • AESRS - Army Equipment Status Reporting System
  • AGRICOLA - Agriculture Online Access
  • AKRAOC - Alaska Region Air Operations Center
  • ASARC - Army Systems Acquisition Review Council
  • ASARS - Advanced Synthetic Aperture Radar System||Airborne Search and Rescue System
  • ASROC - Anti-Submarine ROCket
  • ASRRS - Army Survival, Recovery & Reconstitution System
  • AS/RS - Automated Storage and Retrieval System
  • ASWORG - (U.S.) AntiSubmarine Warfare Operations Research Group