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ACT: MeaningCategory
ACTAdaptive Control of Thought (cognitive model)Acronym
ACTAmerican College Test (ing Program)Acronym
ACTAustralian Capital Territory (also postal symbol)Acronym
ACTR|| ACT-Rational (cognitive model)Acronym
ACTR/PM|| ACT-R/Perceptual-Motor (cognitive model)Acronym
ACTWaco Regional Airport[Waco, Texas, United States]IATA Airport Code
ACTAbolish Chronic TruancyEducational abbreviations
ACTAchievement, Commitment, and TalentsEducational abbreviations
ACTActing, Creating, and TeachingEducational abbreviations
ACTAdvanced Career TechnologiesEducational abbreviations
ACTAdvanced Career TrainingEducational abbreviations
ACTAdvanced Computer TutoringEducational abbreviations
ACTAlternatives Consequences ThinkEducational abbreviations
ACTAmerican College TestingEducational abbreviations
ACTAssociation of Classroom TeachersEducational abbreviations
ACTActual Cycle TimeElectronics abbreviations
ACTAir Cooled TriodeElectronics abbreviations
ACTAkebono Ceramic TechnologyElectronics abbreviations
ACTAlternative Control TechniqueElectronics abbreviations
ACTAdvanced Composite Technologycomputing abbreviations and acronyms
ACTAcademy of Children's Theatermedia abbreviations and acronyms
ACTAction for Children's Televisionmedia abbreviations and acronyms
ACTAlways Crackin Trannysmedia abbreviations and acronyms
ACTAutomatic Channel Targetingmedia abbreviations and acronyms
ACTActive Control TechnologyMilitary abbreviations
ACTActivityMilitary abbreviations
ACTAdvance Civilian TeamMilitary abbreviations
ACTAdvanced Cell TrainingMilitary abbreviations
ACTAdvanced Concepts and TechnologyMilitary abbreviations
ACTAir Control TeamMilitary abbreviations
ACTAllied Command TransformationMilitary abbreviations
ACTAnalysis Control TeamMilitary abbreviations
ACTAustralian Capital TerritoryMilitary abbreviations
ACTAutomatic Continuous TuningMilitary abbreviations
ACTAdvocates for Cultural TalkNon-Profit Organizations
ACTAmazon Conservation TeamNon-Profit Organizations
ACTAssociation of Consumers and TaxpayersNon-Profit Organizations
ACTApplication Control Tablesoftware abbreviations and acronyms
ACTArtemis Comparison Toolsoftware abbreviations and acronyms
ACTAcademic, Creative, and TechnicalUniversity abbreviations
ACTAlumni Consulting TeamUniversity abbreviations
ACTAmerican College TestUniversity abbreviations
ACTAssociates of Campus TheatreUniversity abbreviations

Abbreviations similar to act

  • ASD- Aircraft situation display
  • ASCOD- Austrian Spanish Co-operative Development
  • ACOT- Advanced Communications Officer Training
  • AGD- Academy of General Dentistry
  • ACID- Amansuri Conservation and Integrated Development
  • ACCD- American Coalition of Citizens with Disabilities
  • ACDA- Arms Control & Disarmament Agency
  • ACDT- Apple Certified Desktop Technician
  • ACHT- Average Call Hold Time
  • ACST- Australian Central Standard Time
  • ACTD- Advanced Concept Technology Demonstration
  • ACTU- Australian Council of Trade Unions
  • AEST- Australian Eastern Standard Time
  • AICD- Australian Institute of Company Directors
  • AJD- Astronomical Julian day
  • AKDT- Alaska Standard Daylight Saving Time (UTC-8 hours)
  • AKST- Alaska Standard Time (UTC-9 hours)